I write, the subject matters not.

There are of course topics that I have first hand experience in, but I can understand anything by simply communicating with you about it.  If you are passionate about your subject to me, I can write about it with passion.

Content can come in all shapes and sizes.  There is no size of content, big or small, that cannot be improved for the benefit of you or your business.

So, what is ‘content’?

  • Blogs

    If you have a great idea for a blog but cannot get started; if you have a successful blog but cannot find the time to write, I can help.

If you have all the ideas in the world but writing isn’t your strength, I can create the copy you intended.

If you run a business, appreciate the importance of a blog but just cannot find the time to write one, I have the time.

  • Web Pages

    What do you want your website to say about you or you company?  Does your website engage people?  Does it generate emotion?  How much value does it give you?  Will it produce a response from a visitor?

Does your ‘About Me’ page say exactly what you want it to say? Do your product and service pages get the attention you need them to?

Do you need someone to manage your WordPress website in its entirety?

Your website is the hub of all your online activity, does it work for you?

  • SEO Friendly Content

    People read your content, not search engines.  SEO friendly content does not have to be stilted and ugly.  It is simply content written with some attention given to how the search engines might see it.

    I can ensure that good writing is never sacrificed for the sake of SEO.  Your customers and readers should always be your first thought.

  • Product Content writing

Whether it be your website’s product pages or your Amazon affiliate page everything needs copy and that copy should not be any less engaging than anything else.

  • Facebook, Twitter & Social Media

    It’s not all about having a website anymore, people tell you you have to have presence here, you have to have presence there.  How on Earth do you have the time to be everywhere at once?  You have a business to run.

I can provide you with the content you need to get noticed, no matter the forum.

This list is not inclusive.  Anywhere where you see writing, someone has to have written it and that writing serves a purpose.

Writing can be used as an incredible tool to grow your business.  You can reach an audience that you didn’t think was possible.

Your business is, and should always be, your primary focus.  It is also yours and it can be difficult to let someone else convey your thoughts to people.  But, consider this, what you are writing is holding your business back.

Does your business give you time to think about the best words you use in your content?  Does it allow you to test these words over and over until you get it right?  Does it even give you the time to write in the first place?

Outsourcing your copywriting allows you to focus on what you do best.